Child Custody one of the most common issues faced by parents. So how does the court make a determination about child custody Fayetteville NC? Well, there are several factors that the court considers.

These things include, but are not limited to:

a. Stability of either parent;
b. Involvement with school and extracurricular activities;
c. Involvement with school work and conferences at school
d. Discipline style
e. Work schedule;
f. What role the parent has played in the past as a caretaker;
g. Substance Abuse issues;
h. Criminal past;
i. Support system;
j. Routine

The Court Can Consider Other Facts As Well.

There are two types of child custody: legal and physical custody. Legal custody belongs to the parent who essentially has the decision-making authority for the minor child. This can include making decisions about healthcare, religion, and other important decisions in the child’s life. The second type, physical custody, is defined by with whom the minor child primarily lives . Each family dynamic is different when it comes to child custody. It is important that you have an advocate that understands your personal situation. At Johnson Law we understand the delicate issues involved in resolving a child custody action. We are aggressive when dealing with your child’s best interests and strive for the best outcome for your case. We strive to give our clients the unique attention they deserve with their case.

Emergencies Regarding Custody Also Do Happen.

If there is ever the threat of imminent danger to a minor child or the risk of flight from the jurisdiction of the North Carolina, one can apply for an emergency custody order. Emergency orders can be issued Ex Parte (with only party present). These emergency orders are only in place for a short period of time until a hearing can be held to determine if the order was warranted. Our attorneys are skilled at applying for and acquiring emergency orders when the facts warrant such an order.

Our office is always quick to respond when a client is in need of an emergency order, and in most cases, one is applied for within less than 24 hours of being contacted by the client.


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         Chris was a tenacious advocate for my son. He never gave up and in the end prevailed. I would highly recommend him as both a family attorney and a custody attorney. Chris and his staff are wonderful. They represented me in a domestic matter that lasted for over a year. Chris was not only my advocate, but helped coach me through some rough times during the process. They are dedicated to their clients and achieving the best outcome for their clients. I would highly recommend Johnson Law.
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